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Apple Vision Pro Glasses Professional Reviews for 2023

apple vision pro reviews for 2023

So, you're interested in Apple's new foray into the world of virtual reality with their Vision Pro Glasses?

Let's see what the experts are saying in their reviews for 2023.

Matthew Panzarino - Review 1

The first review we have is cautiously optimistic.

It appears this Matthew Panzarino is reluctant to make broad claims about whether the Apple Vision Pro will meet Apple's promises about the advent of spatial computing.

Given that the product isn't finalized yet with features like the light shroud still under development, their hesitance seems reasonable.

If I had to guess, it seems like this reviewer is in the 3.5 stars out of 5 territory.

This review reminds me of my first attempt at baking a cake – full of potential but not quite there yet!

Will Greenwald - Review 2

Next, we have a reviewer Will Greenwald who is impressed with Apple's presentation of the Vision Pro.

Despite being a first-gen product, they appreciate the consumer-ready vibe of the Vision Pro, highlighting its easy compatibility with iPad apps.

Based on this review, it's plausible they would give around 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Seems like Apple's approach here was "Go big or go home" and they certainly went big!

Devindra Hardawar - Review 3

Lastly, Devindra Hardawar appreciates Apple's grand vision for spatial computing.

They applaud Apple's intent to extend the usability of computers to mixed reality, as opposed to forcing a fascination with games or the metaverse.

Though they see much uncertainty, they acknowledge that Apple's venture into spatial computing could be a risk worth taking.

Considering their praise and anticipation, this reviewer might place themselves around the 4.3 stars out of 5 mark.

You know what they say about apples – they keep the doctor away. With these glasses, they might keep the boring reality away too!

Apple Vision Pro Virtual Glasses Reviews for 2023: Conclusion

So, what's the verdict from these Apple Vision Pro Virtual Glasses reviews for 2023?

Can it compete with Meta Quest 2?

While there's a sense of anticipation and a hint of uncertainty, the product is already being hailed for its consumer-ready appeal and impressive pitch for spatial computing.

In a nutshell, it seems like the Apple Vision Pro Virtual Glasses could be an exciting addition to the VR landscape.

Remember, much like apples from a tree, technology is always ripe for picking. Keep an eye out for updates, and in the meantime, let's continue enjoying the fruits of technology's labor!

Hey, maybe one day we'll even have virtual apples. Just remember not to try and take a bite out of those!


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