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How Exactly Does Axie Scholar Tracker Works?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

How Does Scholar Tracker Work?
How Does Scholar Tracker Work?

The Axie Scholar Tracker is a Google Sheets document that you can access and edit from anywhere. It's divided into several tabs, each of which has a specific purpose. Here's a breakdown of each tab:


Provides an overview of your scholarship program's performance, including total earnings, number of scholars, and more.


Contains a list of all your current scholars, along with their earnings, activity, and other important information.


Tracks all the potential scholars who have applied to your program, including their contact information and status.


Tracks your scholars' battle results and earnings.


Helps you keep track of your scholars' breeding progress and costs.


Calculates your scholars' rewards and helps you determine how much to pay them.


Allows you to customize the spreadsheet to fit your specific needs.

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